It’s my pleasure to recommend Chunga to those who are considering permanent makeup.  I have seen the results of her freehand method and find it to be quite pleasing and very natural.  The freehand method is more accurate than using a machine.  All her client that I have met through my practice have been thrilled with the results.  Permanent Makeup serves many purposes.  I find this makeup to enhance the benefits obtained from cosmetic surgery.

L. Thomas Albert, M.D.
Telephone: (540) 371-7730

"I first came to Chunga about fourteen years ago to have the permanent makeup applied.  I highly recommend Chunga to anyone who is considering permanent makeup.

Last year I was introducced to her day spa body treatment.  I had a large discoloration on my leg.  My dermatologist had told me, years ago, that there was nothing he could do.  Well, it has almost disappeared.  My skin is smoother and less dry.  I am hooked!

I am currently having the Micro-Dermabrasion procedure, I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the resuts.  My skin looks wonderful!

I would highly recommend Chunga's Day Spa.  It is truly a wonderful experience."

Dawn Painter, Sterling, Virginia
Telephone: (703) 728-0806